Key Features of the BBIS Program

• It is a four-year, 141 credit hours bachelor degree program in line with the international standards of bachelor degree

• It offers a range of elective courses to match students' interests with the demand of the employment market.

• It offers a wide range of concentration and elective courses to match students’ individual interests with the demand of employment market. With proper academic and course planning, students can take advantages of specialization on two functional areas of management within the same time period.

• It provides students with a learning opportunity, gaining exposure and networking through its internship program.

• It provides students with an opportunity for in-depth project based learning.


Expected Output

After successful completion of the four-year program, a BBIS graduate is expected to be one or all of the following:

1. A suitable candidate with a sound academic background, competence, confidence, skills, attitude and motivation for further study in the areas of management, information systems and other similar programs.

2. Be an entrepreneur, who can startup a business relating to information systems and information technology, and manage it in today's competitive business environment.

3. A professional who will be able to successfully work in the IT/IS function at an entry-level of corporate houses and other social organizations with required knowledge, competence, confidence, skills, and responsibility.


Specifically, a BBIS graduate will be equipped with,

• Knowledge and understanding of contemporary concepts, tools and techniques of management.

• Sound, relevant and latest IT abilities and skills enhance individual and organizational productivity.

• Knowledge of the broader environment in which he/she lives and works, and the very dynamic interactions between the individual, organization, and the world.

• Critical and creative thinking and sound analytical and problem-solving abilities

• Inter-personal and team building skills are essential for personal, professional and social life

• An appropriate mix of competence, confidence, skills ambition, motivation, responsibility, accountability, and the high standard of professionals and ethical values significantly contribute to further growth in her/his study and career.


Potential Intakes

The BBIS program aims to attract and serve the needs of candidates who are competent and motivated to excel in their study and career particularly in the area of information systems and information technology. Specifically, potential intakes for the BBIS program are those who have completed 10+2 or any other equivalent degree in any discipline with an aggregate of 40% of total marks or an equivalent CGPA with a minimum C in each course.


Credit Transfer

The BBIS program accepts the credit transfer of the students studying similar programs in other colleges/universities only by getting the prior written approval from the Dean's Office at Kathmandu University School of Management.