Message From The Dean

We as educators are proud that you have embarked on a journey to higher education – and it is even better that it is towards business education. Business education probably provides more mileage for a student than any other degree. BBA program creates opportunities with lesser tuition and fees, and doesn’t require superb grades, how ever it has much wider scope and prospects. Millions of businesses operate in an economy,and its wealth is created by them. They are the creators of jobs and incomes to people; they create revenues for governments through taxes. They export and create foreign exchange earnings to a country. Business education is a gateway to understanding the business world.

Business education provides you with ideas and insights regarding how businesses are run, the intricate functioning of a business, how a business is managed, how it relates to other businesses and to economies, what makes it successful and how a business can be innovative, among others. You could become an entrepreneur and CEO of your own business or you could learn from running others’ businesses and contribute to its growth. Your hard work and perseverance will take you to unimaginable places with a business degree. Market considers Kathmandu University School of Management as a pioneering management school in the country. It was the first to start MBA, BBA, BBIS programs in Nepal. Its graduates work for different industries, such as banks, manufacturing hotels, airlines, IT, retail and marketing, telecommunications. Kathmandu University is providing undergraduate programs (BBA, BBIS and BHTM/BHM) through its affiliated colleges, one of which is Little Angel’s College of Management (LACM). Our programs are designed and delivered to create well-trained, confident and knowledgeable business professionals, who can perform their jobs effectively. Our BBA degrees are well received internationally.

Father of Management, Peter Drucker once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This is what business education does for you! It will be our great pleasure to welcome you in Kathmandu University’s Bachelor programs. Wishing you an enriching learning experience.

Dean, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), Devi P. Bedari, Ph.D.